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Art and Craft

Whether you appreciate art or prefer creating art there is a group for everyone.

Image by Anna Kolosyuk


Interested in exploring our local interest or discovering your own history.

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi
Image by Stefan Fluck


Whatever your literacy interest you will find a wide range of groups with similar interests to you.

Science and Technology

Do you enjoy finding out how the world works. Explore your interests in the world around you.

Image by Puria Berenji


Whatever your musical taste or genre we have a group to suit your taste.

Sports and Leisure

Groups that enjoy physical activity or prefer mental agility.

Image by Stefany Andrade
Chess Board


Getting outdoors enables us to walk, talk and share our interests.

Other Interests

Take a peek at groups with other interests.

Image by David Brooke Martin

Find Out More About Our Groups

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