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 Speakers and Events held in  2022 

Tuesday 25th January 2022

Speaker BryanThurlow

 Bryan Thurlow:  “We’ll Meet Again – an Evacuee’s Story“.     Bryan is an accomplished speaker and actor who will tell us the poignant and vivid account of Billy Jackson’s happy times he spent as a WW2 London evacuee living on an East Anglian farm.

Billy Jackson, a pearly king from Bethnal Green, relives his stay as an evacuee on an East Anglian farm during WW2 and the dramatic events that befell him and his sister on their brief return to London


Tuesday 29th March 2022

Haverhill u3a


Tuesday 31st May 2022

Speaker Jan Brownfoot

Aspects of the British Empire The roles of white women in Australia, Malaya and Singapore.

We look forward to being enphralled by Jan who is a retired Historian, she was an Undergraduate in Australia and at present she is a mature student completing her Phd at Strathclyde University.

The picture below  is  Dr Cecily Williams  (not Jan) who may well feature in Jans talk.


Tuesday 26th July 2022

Speaker Captain Karl Lumbers

The Trinity House Story

 We are  delighted to welcome Captain Karl Lumbers to the Haverhillu3a, to share the history of Trinity House with us.

Karl will introduce us as one of around 400 Younger Brethren; who comprise a fraternity drawn from various sectors of the maritime community; how they contribute to the unique authority of Trinity House, and give assistance and advice on the Corporation’s maritime and charitable activities, of which there are many.

Image by Paulius Dragunas

Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Speaker David Williams "Mind the Gap"

David became a professional speaker and tour guide specialising in the history of the City of London after a career as a sports journalist followed by over 40 years as a documentary film-maker. 

The sub-title, tales of the tube, is the clue to this talk being how London designed and built the world's first underground railway. It identifies the men with determination and vision who made it work - and those who were more interested in personal glory and in making fortunes at the expense of Londoners.

Image by Dan Roizer

Tuesday 26th April 2022

Speaker Amanda Sutherland

"My Creative Journey" is an exciting Career journey through Film, Television and Theatrical costume design with an insight into running a successful accessories business.

Amanda brings her experience of fashion, costume, crafting and creative business skills to the mix and delivers in an informative and humorous way which is guaranteed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats!

Fashion Illustrator

Tuesday 28th June 2022

Speaker Alison Giles

Seeing Science Objects from Whipple Museum

Alison Giles is the Learning Coordinator at the Whipple Museum of the History of Science. An escaped primary school teacher who has been working in museums since 2009, she is an enthusiastic member of the
Cambridgeshire Heritage Engagement Group and the Group for Education in Museums. As well as working at UCM she is the administrator, education officer and doer-of-things-that-nobody-else-wants-to-do at Burwell Museum. Hopefully she will bring a box of treasures to share with us


Tuesday 30th August 2022

Speaker Geoffrey Kay 

The English Gypsy Caravan

The caravan originated in the 19th century and there had been four distinct shapes – the canvas-topped Bow Top, the Ledge Wagon, the Reading and the Burton Wagon, known as the horse- killer and more often towed by a traction engine.Geoffrey will give us an insight into the renovation of a gypsy wagon as well as the life of the gypsy including the traditional Appleby Fair, which continues to this day.

An Interesting and varied programme for Speaker Events has been compiled by Wendy Foster, Speaker Secretary. Full details of all talks and events will be posted on the website shortly
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