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Upcoming Speakers and Events to be held in 2023 at Haverhill u3a

Tuesday 25th July 2023

Speaker Tony Diamond

Tony appears at local groups, schools, the Women's Institute and events where he offers engaging, fun and informative talks 

Tony will be telling us a potted history of of chocolate some of the myths surrounding it. (Sorry no Samples

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Tuesday 31st October 2023

The Semi-Pro Sixties - David Caulfield – to speak about his life involving guitars / musical instruments. 
Covering a period from 1961 to 1976, David takes us back to the time when budding musicians were forming groups and starting to play gigs in youth clubs, pubs and clubs. He gives his real life experiences illustrated with slides and pictures drawing on interviews with over 50 different musicians, David details experiences from the outright funny to the downright dangerous. 


Tuesday 5th December 2023

u3a Christmas Concert

14.00 to 16.00


The Forever Young Guitar Group

Singing for Pleasure Group

Sawston Handbell Ringers

Christmas Concert Flyer 2023 Final.jpg

Tuesday 27th February 2024

Speaker Neil Hanson

The Inn at the Top is a laugh-a-minute tour of the quirks and foibles, highs and lows of running Britain’s highest inn – so isolated that its next-door neighbour was 4 miles away and so high above sea level that it had its own climate, with winds that could tear car-doors off their hinges, and winter snows that cut off the inn for weeks on end. 


Tuesday 29th August 2023

Speaker Wendy Overy

Growing for cut flowers – Our speaker is Wendy Overy from Fenland Flowers and Foliage when she will tell us how she grows for cut flowers and how to make them last longer in our vase. 
Raffle tickets will be on sale as Wendy will be donating her flower arrangement.  The tickets will be on sale at the back of the church near the entrance/exit. 

Flower Arrangement

Tuesday 28th November 2023

Speaker Siobhan O'Dell 

Our speaker from SUEZ Recycling and Recovering UK Limited will talk about the energy from waste facility at Suffolk Waste and Recycling at Great Blakenham and recycling near Ipswich. This is where the black bin waste goes to be burned and the energy content turned into electricity, and she will also talk about recycling

Image by Nareeta Martin

Tuesday 30th January 2024

Suffolk Archives – A staff member from Suffolk Archives will talk about their work including a look at some of their treasures. 
Suffolk Archives collects, preserves, and shares over 900 years’ worth of Suffolk’s rich history.
Their collections are treasure houses of information in the form of original documents such as letters, reports, photographs, maps and plans which have been selected for preservation because of their lasting value to our society.

Image by C M

Tuesday 26th March 2024

AGM & “Hear Here” Hearing Ambassadors.
The Hearing Ambassadors aim is: 
To help people with good hearing become aware of the unseen effects of hearing loss so that they understand what it is like and know how to relate to those living with hearing loss.

To encourage people to look after their own hearing health and not to take their hearing for granted.

To signpost good practices and support groups and organisations that provide help for those with hearing loss, their friends, and family.

To encourage people to talk openly about their hearing loss without being embarrassed or worried about being teased.

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