Annual General Meeting

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The annual meeting for election of trustees and approval of the accounts of Haverhill u3a will held by on Tuesday 27th April 2022

 at Haverhill Arts Centre

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Annual Report from the Chair February 2022

Another year in Haverhill & District u3a has passed and I had not expected to be providing this annual report as my official term as chair ended in 2021. There were issues experienced by the committee following the AGM last year, but after a rocky start we managed to settle down and concentrate on running the branch. We are deeply indebted to the management team at head office for helping us with the issues we faced. The outcome was that being vice chair I had to step in to assume the senior role until next month’s AGM when a new chair can be appointed.

Each year we ask for nominations from the membership for the key roles of chair, treasurer and secretary and rarely receive any! We have therefore created assistant or deputy roles within the committee to train members for future office should they be required. However, with some committee members having reached the end of their allowed terms of office as stipulated by the constitution we will need fresh faces to join our band. An eagerness to support u3a is all that is required. Posts are allocated in discussion with volunteers who have skills or interests in particular areas and training sessions are available from u3a. We try and enjoy the meetings and meet in a friendly atmosphere once a month.

After the issues suffered in 2021 I must pay sincere thanks to my committee for their steadfast support and calmness during the crisis. They have become true friends and I am sincerely grateful.

Our new website is being developed and is starting to look very attractive, so please look at it and use it as that is what it is there for. Our finances are in excellent health thanks to the prudent control of the treasury team who still manage to keep our subs very low compared to other u3a’s. The monthly News & Views that we receive is an excellent newsletter, and not many branches of u3a can boast a monthly issue as we do, so my thanks to the publication team.

The pandemic has not caused Haverhill & District u3a to lose many members. Numbers fell while meetings were on hold as paying for nothing is never popular, but membership has rebounded, and new groups have been created which proves that we are heading in the right direction. All groups are now meeting face to face, so normality is back although some will still require face masks to be worn, a decision the committee agree with. It is better to feel safe rather than fearful.

The New Year represents the 40th anniversary of the u3a movement and we intend to celebrate with a giant barbeque on July 2nd on Great Meadow in Kedington. Details will be sent out to all members ASAP.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families of those members who sadly passed away over the year. The u3a is currently an organisation for oldies although efforts are being made to entice younger members to join us. The only restriction to membership is that any member should no longer be working full time and a specific age limit is no longer stipulated. Speak to people you know who may enjoy our groups and meetings. There are some excellent speakers lined up for the coming year so make sure the last Tuesday in the month is set aside for a visit to the Arts Centre.

As this will be my last message from the chair may I say thank you to all members who have spoken to me and said kind things about the committee, the meetings and u3a in general. It is good to know that the efforts of the committee have been appreciated and that u3a brings enjoyment to so many.

Peter Tatam




Acting Chair

Treasurers’ Report 2021

2021 was another year impacted by Covid restrictions, which limited our range of activities in the earlier months. This has resulted in another small increase in our funds; an issue we hope to start addressing in the current year.

Subscriptions, which form the bulk of our income, will remain at the current figure of £10. It is difficult to forecast how long they will remain at this level, as the re- appearance of inflation is starting to have a negative impact upon costs, and we are already starting to see some charges increase. As an example, last year we paid £4.50 to central as our affiliation fee per member, which is increasing to £5.00 per person this year.

The majority of our expenditure comprises ‘fixed’ costs, such as fees to the national U3A, hall hire, printing and speaker fees. We will continue to attempt to get the best value for monies spent. We are required, under charity commission rules to keep a surplus of £2500. This is to cover any outstanding costs should we cease to continue. We have self-imposed a target of £2500 surplus in the past.

We will use our ‘surplus’ funds to support activities going forward, with the aim of spreading the benefits to as many members as possible.

Dilwyn Roberts – Treasurer
Mark Pollington – Assistant Treasurer

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